American Pie - Collector's Edition (1999)
There's something about your first piece.
IMDb Rating 6.9 (86,114 votes)
Front Cover Actor Back Cover
Jason Biggs Jim Levenstein
Chris Klein Chris Oz Ostreicher
Thomas Ian Nicholas Kevin Myers
Eugene Levy Jim's Dad
Natasha Lyonne Jessica
Tara Reid Victoria Lathum
Mena Suvari Heather
Alyson Hannigan Michelle Flaherty
Shannon Elizabeth Nadia
Eddie Kaye Thomas Paul Finch
Seann William Scott Steve Stifler
Anyone who's watched just about any teenage film knows that the greatest evil in this world isn't chemical warfare, ethnic cleansing, or even the nuclear bomb. The worst crime known to man? Why, virginity, of course. As we've learned from countless films--from Summer of '42 to Risky Business--virginity is a criminal burden that one must shed oneself of as quickly as possible. And while many of these films have given the topic a bad name, American Pie quietly sweeps in and gives sex some of its dignity back. Dignity, you may say? How can a film that highlights intercourse with fruit pies, premature ejaculation broadcasted across the Internet, and the gratuitous "gross-out" shots restore the dignity of a genre that's been encumbered with such heavyweights as Porky's and Losin' It? The plot may be typical, with four high school friends swearing to "score" by prom, yet the film rises above the muck with its superior cast, successful and sweet humor, and some actually rather retro values about the meaning and importance of sex. Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas, and Eddie Kaye Thomas make up the odd quartet of pals determined to woo, lie, and beg their way to manhood. The young women they pursue are wary girlfriend Vicky (Tara Reid), choir girl Heather (Mena Suvari), band geek Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), and just about any other female who is willing and able. Natasha Lyonne as Jessica, playing a similar role as in Slums of Beverly Hills, is the general adviser to the crowd (when Vicky tells her "I want it to be the right time, the right place," Jessica responds, "It's not a space shuttle launch, it's sex"). The comedic timing hits the mark--especially in the deliberately awkward scenes between Jim (Biggs) and his father (Eugene Levy). And, of course, lessons are learned in this genuinely funny film, which will probably please the adult crowd even more than it will the teenage one. --Jenny Brown
Movie Details
Genre Comedy
Universal Studios
Movie Release Date 7/9/1999
Country   USA
Language English
Audience Rating Unrated
User Text 1 Strong sexuality, crude sexual dialogue, language and drinking, all involving teens.
Running Time 110 mins
Color Color
Features Spotlight on Location
Feature Commentary with Director Paul Weitz, Producer Chris Weitz, Writer Adam Herz, Cast Members Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jason Biggs and Seann William Scott
Universal Records Soundtrack Presentation
Music Highlights
Classic Quotes
Production Notes
Cast and Filmmakers
Theatrical Trailer
Universal Showcase
Special DVD-ROM Features Including: Behind the Scenes
Director Paul Weitz; Chris Weitz
Writer Adam Herz
Cinematography Richard Crudo
User Credit 2 Leesa Evans
Producer Chris Moore; Craig Perry; Chris Bender; Louis G. Friedman; Warren Zide
User Credit 1 Priscilla Nedd-Friendly
Musician David Lawrence
Edition Details
Edition Widescreen Unrated Collector's Edition
Region 1
Screen Ratio 1.85:1
Format DVD
Layers Single Side, Single Layer
Barcode 025192073526
Chapters 18
Release Date 12/21/1999
Subtitles English; Spanish
Packaging Keep Case
Audio Tracks English Dolby Digital 5.1
French Dolby Digital 5.1
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
Personal Details
Seen It Yes
Index 293
Collection Status In Collection
Tags Four Best Friends, Teen Movie, Band Camp, Nipples, Prom Night
Also Known As:
East Great Falls High (USA) (working title)
Great Falls (USA) (working title)

Filming Locations:
402 South Myrtle, Monrovia, California, USA (more)

Members of the California punk band Blink 182 are shown during the Internet broadcast scene. Their song "Mutt" is playing in the background. (more)

Errors in geography: During the first lacrosse game you can see Mexican Fan palms in the background. These are the famous palms all over Beverly Hills. They are everywhere in Southern California, but do not grow in Michigan. (more)

Coach Marshall: I don't want any of you boys thinking, that you're gonna score. You don't score, until you *score*! (more)

9 wins & 15 nominations (more)

Movie Connections:
Featured in "Best! Movies! Ever!: Embarrassing Moments (#1.19)" (2007) (more)

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